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The LaunchPad Powered by Techstars network helps students succeed in entrepreneurship and in their careers. Available to over 750,000 college students, LaunchPad is designed to complement existing on-campus entrepreneurship resources, catalyze student ventures through connections to off-campus opportunities, and convene students and staff at global events leveraging our world-class, industry-leading mentors, networks, and brands.

LaunchPad transforms students into entrepreneurs.

Our economic impact since program inception
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Something for Everyone

Just have an idea?
Our tools and opportunities will help you understand the roadmap to get started.
Already formed a company?
We’ll connect you to advisors and mentors to help overcome obstacles as you look to grow and scale your business.
Curious about entrepreneurship?
Participate in events, join the online community, and learn entrepreneurial skills that will help you beyond the traditional founder role.


Entrepreneurs not ideas

Our goal is to introduce students to entrepreneurship, help them develop entrepreneurial skills and enable them to independently achieve success in whatever venture they pursue.

To learn more about who we are, we are doing this, how it works, and who sees your information, visit our FAQs.


Students and Schools with

1:1 Mentorship

Free and confidential coaching for individuals or startups at any stage and in any industry. Access to advisors and mentors in the Techstars and Blackstone networks.


Shared knowledge and best practices, job postings, and access to find team members across the global network.


Curated content and exclusive offers to help you get started. Training, templates, software, and web services for all stages of the startup life cycle.

Global Programming

Gathering exceptional student entrepreneurs at premier, signature events.



  • Supportive

    As a person and an entrepreneur you are important to us. It doesn't matter if you change course, join forces with another founder, or end up pursuing a traditional career. Our role is to empower you with the entrepreneurial mindset, skills, resources, and network you need to be successful, regardless of what you pursue.

  • Confidential

    Your idea will never be discussed with anyone without your consent and your venture information will be kept private. All LaunchPad staff have signed NDAs and our network can help you with protecting intellectual property.

  • Empowering

    You make the decisions about your venture. Our role is to help guide you and we will never pressure you to take action that makes you uncomfortable.

  • Trustworthy

    Your mentors or advisors do not have any conflicts of interest so that they can be as helpful and objective as possible. We just want you to succeed.


Global Network

Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars was created to stimulate campus entrepreneurship and help drive economic development in students’ local communities. LaunchPad also prepares students to enter the modern, global workforce with a flexible, entrepreneurial mindset.

Blackstone LaunchPad

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The Blackstone Charitable Foundation

"Fostering a new generation of entrepreneurs is critical, which is why we are investing in Blackstone LaunchPad to help young entrepreneurs harness their talents and transform creative ideas into viable companies."

- Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder, Blackstone

Founded in 2007, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship globally. By leveraging the resources and intellectual capital of Blackstone, the Foundation empowers entrepreneurs, generates job growth, and supports the communities in which we live and work.
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