About LaunchPad

We founded LaunchPad in 2008 and have been committed for over a decade to helping students, with a focus that has evolved from supporting student ventures to include entrepreneurial skill-building so students can succeed in any career they choose.


We complement existing on-campus offerings with curated content and resources to deliver experiential learning and entrepreneurship skill-building. We serve as a concierge to students navigating the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.


We catalyze students and their ventures through connections to mentors and professional development opportunities.


We convene students and staff at global events leveraging our industry-leading brands and global networks.

Our Values

Invest in Students

You can start a company, change course, join forces with another founder, or pursue a traditional career. No matter your path, we will equip you with the entrepreneurial mindset, skills, and network you need to succeed.

Keep Equity at the Forefront

Diverse backgrounds and perspectives make for better leaders. We support and elevate underrepresented students to level an unequal playing field. 

Create a Lasting Community

We provide a global network that facilitates lasting professional relationships between students, mentors, faculty, partners, schools, and others who can help you succeed in college and beyond.

Our Network

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