Student Profiles

Blackstone LaunchPad Students Tackle Climate Change

At Blackstone LaunchPad, we’re proud to support student ventures that are leading climate action. This Climate Week, we’re excited to share stories highlighting several of those LaunchPad ventures.  

At EthiCart, LaunchPad student founder Laura Brennan believes that “small acts when multiplied by millions of people can change the world. EthiCart empowers you to take these small actions, through a user-friendly app that helps consumers shop for food more sustainably simply by scanning a barcode. EthiCart removes the confusion around certifications on packaging by explaining them clearly and offering more sustainable alternatives where possible, thus enabling our users to become more conscious consumers. Our mission is to make sustainability simple.” Learn more here

EVE, founded by Trinity College Dublin LaunchPad students Sarah-Marie Rust and Oana Rosca, is a tech company using real-time charging and energy data to monitor and improve corporate fleets’ transition to green, electric mobility and to reduce their CO2 emissions significantly. Learn more here

COO of Sangali and Albany LaunchPad student Allix Coon explained that “Sangali’s ChemDetect service provides rapid species identification of wood samples to promote environmental sustainability by ensuring that harvested woods are properly sourced and not endangered.”  

LaunchPad student Semi Cole co-founded Saru Recycling to fight climate change through the power of recycling and waste management optimization. Their product suite is designed to reduce landfill waste, help organizations achieve their carbon emission goals, and increase firm efficiency. By changing the way individuals and firms relate to refuse disposal, they aim to reimagine recycling for the modern world. Read more here

At Throw-A-Weigh, UT Austin LaunchPad students have designed a smart cart attachment that measures, manages and reduces food waste for grocery stores through a holistic data-driven approach. Their mission is to help grocers recover lost profits from unsold produce and boost the quality and volume of sales and donations. “If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the US. Redirecting more food onto dinner plates will not only feed more people but also mitigate carbon dioxide and methane emissions.” Read more here

INN>CHRG is a transportation company that solves the problem of finding reliable charging stations for electric vehicle drivers. INN>CHRG functions as the Airbnb for electric vehicle charging. Founder and LaunchPad student Angel Melchor remarked that “climate week is a time to reflect on the urgent need for action to create a more green and sustainable community.” Read more here

C2X founder Elvis Cao believes that one of the most significant issues with the conversation around sustainability is a lack of discussion about its economic benefits. The team at C2X aims to change the narrative surrounding large-scale sustainability operations and to redefine CO2 as a resource, not a liability. Capturing and converting waste CO2 emissions into useful products provides an economic opportunity while mitigating global climate change. Read more here

Founded by Trinity College Dublin Launchpad students, ReFunk is building a platform that allows users to list unwanted belongings and materials for other users to collect and upcycle. On their app, the upcycler sells the product and then provides the original donator a percentage of the profit, demonstrating a commitment to making the world a more sustainable place for us all to live in. Read more here

LaunchPad venture FikiLABS is developing carbon negative materials to petroleum-based plastics using micro algae. They are on a mission to become the future of plastic and join the journey to a more sustainable future. Read more here

With the dream of creating a more sustainable design world with less fast fashion – all while keeping the shopping experience intact – LaunchPad student Mariah Karis founded The Giddy Thrifter to sell new, used, vintage, and upcycled fashion and decor that is ready for new homes, while also teaching fashion and bargain decor styling via how-to videos. “I started The Giddy Thrifter because I wanted to show others that it is possible to have an eclectic space and a unique style without breaking the bank. Buying preloved goods and choosing sustainability over fast fashion shouldn’t mean less of a shopping experience for you. I believe we can shop smart, style ourselves and our homes beautifully, and still support the environment.”