In the News: 10 in 10 Design Challenge Asks Students to Think Big about Carbon Neutrality

A plan to offset carbon emissions by converting brownfields to fields of bamboo. An “ecoscaping” initiative that would encourage even the busiest of people to grow food in their backyard by using ready-to-install garden beds. A program called Recyclboxe, which aims to reduce food waste by making leftover meals from Campus Dining and Shops, packaged in reusable and returnable containers, available for purchase at a discounted price from a vending machine.

These were among the big ideas pitched as part of UB’s inaugural 10 in 10 Design Challenge. UB Sustainability and Blackstone LaunchPad teamed up to present the competition, which challenged student teams to develop climate action solutions for UB as part of the university’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

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